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The Mount Pleasant Sportsplex is a Multi-Sport facility located in the Park West Community in North Mount Pleasant area in South Carolina. We offer multiple amenities that can be rented at an hourly rate, for the practice of Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal, and more. All our amenities can be rented by coaches looking for a space for team or individual training, individuals just looking to play some sports, or families looking for a fun place for a birthday party. 

We offer an indoor court suited for the practice of Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, and any indoor activities. We also offer the option for Half court to be rented at a portion of the full court amount (when available). We have an outdoor turf field primarily used for Soccer and Field Hockey. The field is lit, and perfect for youth training sessions. Our facility also has a 3v3 basketball court perfect for shooting drills and small games. 


Besides our rentals, we serve as home for CrossFit Park West, offering group fitness and personal training services. We are also home for Ace Futsal & Soccer offering Private Soccer training for youth players of all levels. Lastly, we are home for Park West brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, offering traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training for youth and adults. 

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